Online Racebooks

online racebooksOnline horse betting used to be a novelty but now it’s become the way to play the ponies for almost every professional horseplayer. The reasons for online horse betting’s rise to prominence has everything to do with why horse racing exists in the first place, the horseplayers. Without the horseplayers, the sport wouldn’t exist. Horseplayer wagers are what fuel the entire thoroughbred and harness racing industry in the United States. Online horse betting pays attention to the needs of horseplayers.

List of Recommended Online Racebooks

We believe that the racebooks listed below are the best in the online horse betting industry. To us, a great online racebook needs to offer great bonuses, either in sign-up bonuses or rebates, a terrific wagering engine, and great customer service. All of these racebooks do those things.

* REMINDER! - you must be of legal age in your state or province to legally wager on thoroughbred or harness horse racing. Please bet responsibly!

Which is better, betting online, or at an OTB?

Although betting at an OTB has some merits, for example, a lot of them are located at bars or restaurants and a day hanging out can be fun, the professional horseplayer knows that betting online is the way to go.

Horseplayers are in control of the betting situation when they wager online. Betting online allows professional horseplayers to play the races at any track that they want to play. Often times, OTB facilities offer wagering only on a handful of tracks. Betting online also allows horseplayers to concentrate fully on handicapping. There are no waiters or waitresses, cashiers or friends.

How quickly are payouts processed?

It depends on the online racebook. Most online racebooks will process payout requests as soon as they receive them.

With that being written, horseplayers have to understand that online racebooks are located in foreign nations. Payouts can take time to arrive. Also, because of where racebooks are located, there are often fees associated with payouts and there are minimums and maximums that a horseplayer can deposit or withdrawal. The best online racebooks have multiple payout options. One of those payout options often times is free and reputable online racebooks are always honest about any fees that are associated with payouts.