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Bovada Review

U.S. horseplayers looking for an offshore book specifically for them need look no further. The Bovada Racebook is up and running. The Bovada Racebook offers horseplayers the ability to wager on over 60 tracks in North America. This includes tracks like Santa Anita Park, one of the most popular race tracks in the world. Bovada also offers rebates on straight wagers and exotics whether your horse wins or loses.

"When it comes to horse racing, all I care about is variety and rebates. That's why Bovada is my racebook." - J. King

Bovada Racebook: In a Nutshell
  • Win OR Loss Rebates – Bovada Racebook is one of the few in the industry that offers horse betting rebates on wins or losses. The rebates are decent as well, 3% on straight wagers and 5% on exotic bets.

  • Free Play – Bovada Racebook’s sign-up bonus is one of the best in the industry. The bonus gives you a chance to win up to $250 with a 50% first deposit free play.

  • Special Payouts – Bovada Racebook offers some of the best maximum payouts for “A Category” tracks. Bovada also offers max special payouts on big races like the Triple Crown and Breeders cup events.

Review of Horse Betting at Bovada

The Bovada Racebook is becoming the standard for horseplayers looking to utilize an offshore book for their wagering. Bovada was created with U.S. horseplayers in mind. That makes it a first look horse betting site, but if that wasnt enough of a reason to check them out, the rebates will be. Getting 3% back on straight wagers and 5% on exotics whether your wager wins or loses is a great deal.

  • Customer Service

    Bovada has one of the best; most-well respected Customer Service Teams in the industry. Customer Service is open to answer questions 24hrs a day, 7 days a week via email or chat. Questions are usually answered in 4-hours or less.

    Customer Service at Bovada takes care to answer your question the right way. If your question confuses them, they will ask you for clarification or ask one of their managers for the answer. This kind of clear communication is essential for horseplayers that often times play multiple tracks with different races going off at different times during the day.

  • Deposit & Payout Options

    VISA is what the Bovada Racebook accepts for credit card deposits. Most horseplayers have at least one VISA credit card, so, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t want to use a credit card to deposit, then the Bovada Racebook does offer Rapid Transfer or money transfer options. With deposits of $300 or more, Bovada will pick up the fees.

    Bovada offers a free $3,000 payout per month. All you have to do is request a payout of up to $3,000 and they will send you a check. There’s a fee for payouts greater than $3,000.

  • Thoroughbred Horse Betting Odds

    Not only do offshore betting companies offer the same track odds as OTBs and the actual race track but you don’t have to commute or pay entrance fees. Some offshore betting companies give sign-up bonuses, rebates on wagers, and reload bonuses.

    The reason to use Bovada Racebook is because Bovada offers rebates on wins and losses. This helps horseplayers raise the odds on their wagers by lowering the track takeout. For example, if the takeout on exotic wagers is 22% at the track, through Bovada the takeout on exotic bets becomes 17%.

Bovada offers a... ...50% bonus on your 1st Deposit! Make a minimum deposit of and get your sign up bonus instantly! Deposit & Claim Bonus!